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Freddy Garcia Trade Rumors: To Miami? For Bobby Abreu?

Freddy Garcia looks like the likely odd man out in the New York Yankees starting pitching rotation. The Yankees have six starters for five spots, and the veteran Garcia seems most likely to draw the short straw. Could that short straw end up with Garcia being traded?

There have been reports that the Yankees have tried to deal Garcia to the Miami Marlins, managed by Ozzie Guillen. Garcia pitched for Guillen with the Chicago White Sox. The idea of trading Garcia to Anaheim for unhappy outfielder/designated hitter Bobby Abreu -- a former Yankee -- has also been floated, at least around the Internet.

The Yankees signed 39-year-old Raul Ibanez to be their left-handed hitting designated hitter, so a deal for Abreu would likely mean the Yankees would have to have decided that Ibanez' poor 2011 season was more than an aberration.

A deal for Abreu, thus, seems unlikely. Sending Garcia somewhere else, though, seems like a distinct possibility.