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Joba Chamberlain Injury: Pitcher Dislocates Ankle, Has Surgery

According to Jack Curry of the YES Network, Joba Chamberlain – who's already been rehabbing from Tommy John Surgery – has suffered another major injury, dislocating his ankle Thursday while playing on a "trampoline" with his son.

By the sounds of it, this isn't your typical ankle injury. Yankees GM, Brian Cashman, described the injury as an "open dislocation" and said Chamberlain has already had surgery on the ankle. Chamberlain is reportedly in the hospital and will remain there for several days. Cashman would not specify any time frame for Chamberlain's recovery time, and questions were raised whether or not it was career-threatening.

Cashman repeatedly used the word 'significant' when describing the injury.

This is yet another setback for Chamberlain, who created his own 'Joba-mania' when he came to the Yankees as a fireballing reliever in 2007, but whose career has seemed to stall.

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