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Bobby Valentine Continues Verbal Jousting With New York Yankees

When it comes to Boston Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine, the New York Yankees might just as well get used to the noise. Valentine found yet another reason to tweak the Yankees Thursday night after the teams played a Spring Training game that ended in a 4-4 tie.

Valentine whined about the Yankees' decision not to play extra innings, which is hardly an unusual circumstance in Spring training when managers don't want to extend pitching staffs or have simply run out of available arms. Yet, Valentine took issue with Yankee manager Joe Girardi deciding to halt the proceedings.

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"It was regretful that {Boston pitcher Clayton] Mortensen warmed up and we were told we were not playing any extra innings," Valentine said. "I didn't think that was very courteous."

"They had plenty of pitching. Probably too long of a ride."

Since taking over as Boston manager this offseason Valentine has continually tweaked the Yankees. He downplayed their acquisitions of starting pitchers Hiroki Kuroda and Michael Pineda, and also took shots at stars Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez.

Given his history, Valentine is likely to keep right on taking shots at the Yankees whenever possible. The Yankees and their fans might as well get used to just tuning him out.