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Andy Pettitte: 'Not Scared To Come Back And Fail'

Andy Pettitte is taking a huge risk by trying to come back to the New York Yankees after a full season away from baseball. Pettitte, who will turn 40 this season, appeared on the Michael Kay Show Monday and said he is “not scared to come back and fail.”

“I can tell you, I don’t think I’m going to fail or I wouldn’t comeback to do this. I think that if I can just get myself mentally back to the place that I was,” Pettitte said. “I really believe that the stuff is going to be there because the stuff wasn’t that great anyway [in 2010.] I was putting it in a good spot.”

Pettitte is shooting for a return to the Yankees around May 1. He is scheduled to throw his first bullpen of Spring Training for the Yankees on Tuesday.

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