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Robinson Cano Injury Update: X-Rays Negative On Left Hand

After having some very anxious moments on Sunday, the New York Yankees and their fans can breathe easy.

Robinson Cano has no broken bones in his left hand after being hit by a Troy Patton fastball in Sunday night's 6-3 loss to the Baltimore Orioles, according to

The star second baseman left the game in the sixth inning, immediately after being struck with the pitch. Cano was in obvious pain, but x-rays showed nothing more than a bothersome contusion.

Cano will likely miss a few days to heal the injury with some rest, but luckily for the Yankees it's nothing serious. While the lineup is loaded, losing Cano would be a massive blow.

With a few more weeks to play in Spring Training, New York won't have to worry about Cano missing any time once the regular season rolls around.

The scoreboard says the Yankees lost last night, but they most certainly didn't.

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