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Andy Pettitte Unretires: YES Networks' Jack Curry Breaks Story, Then Reacts

About a half hour before the YES Network was set to broadcast a New York Yankees Spring Training game against the Washington Nationals Friday, analyst Jack Curry broke the news about veteran left-handed pitcher Andy Pettitte ending his retirement and signing a one-year, $2.5 million, minor-league deal with the Yankees.

"The newest face of the Yankees is an old face," said Curry during the YES Network's pre-game opening with play-by-play announcer Ken Singleton and analyst John Flaherty. "Yankee fans are used to seeing this guy, a 240-game winner... We know he didn't pitch last year, he had the itch to comeback and do it, the Yankees always had the invitation out there. He's coming back to the Yankees."

Curry then took to Twitter to say more:

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