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Yankees Spring Training 2012: Alex Rodriguez 'Cool' With Jason Varitek

Alex Rodriguez has thrown gasoline on plenty of fires throughout his illustrious, and sometimes controversial career. The New York Yankees third baseman didn't, however, want anything to do with responding to the recent comments aimed at him by Boston Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine.

Asked about the comments during an appearance on The Michael Kay Show on ESPN Radio New York, A-Rod said "I've really learned to stay in my lane and really stay in my circle."

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Rodriguez also said he "loved" Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek, who he fought with during his first year in New York.

"I thought he was one of the best game callers and generals that I ever played against. He was obviously the captain for a reason and he brought them 2 World Championships. He was one of the main reasons, the catalysts, of why they were World Champs," Rodriguez said.

Yankee fans hope Rodriguez stays in his circle, and stays in the hitting zone this season, too.