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Yankees Spring Training 2012: How Would You Set The Lineup?

Is Alex Rodriguez still a cleanup hitter? Should Robinson Cano permanently hit third? Does Mark Teixeira need to be moved down in the batting order? If you were in Joe Girardi’s shoes how would you set the New York Yankees batting order in 2012?

Here’s how I would do it.

Against Lefties

Derek Jeter (SS)
Nick Swisher (RF)
Robinson Cano (2B)
Alex Rodriguez (3B)
Mark Teixeira (1B)
Curtis Granderson (CF)
Andruw Jones (DH)
Russell Martin ©
Brett Gardner (LF)

Of course there will be a lot of days Eduardo Nunez plays third base or shortstop and Jeter or Rodriguez is the DH, pushing Jones to the outfield and Gardner to the bench.

Against Righties

Gardner (LF)
Jeter (SS)
Cano (2B)
Rodriguez (3B)
Granderson (CF)
Teixeira (1B)
Nick Swisher (RF)
Raul Ibanez (DH)
Russell Martin ©

I have Teieira sixth in this lineup. It is time to get him out of the third spot and get him into the fifth or sixth slot in the lineup. He goes through too many long, unproductive streaks.