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Yankees Spring Training 2012: Derek Jeter Discusses Retirement, But Has No Plans

During a press conference on the first day of New York Yankees Spring Training 2012, Derek Jeter said he will retire from Major League baseball if he ever feels like he can't contribute anymore.

"If I didn't think I was capable of playing the game at a high level, then I would go home. If I wasn't enjoying myself, enjoying the competition, then it would be time to go home. Right now, I think I'm capable and I'm going to enjoy myself. I can't comment on what would force me to retire or go home or stop playing. I have a lot of confidence and I have always had a lot of confidence. If that starts to waver, then I wouldn't do it."

The 37-year-old shortstop has no plans for retirement, but said he has no problem walking away from a contract if he believes he can no longer perform well enough on the field.

"Yeah, I've always said that," Jeter said. "I'm not just playing just to play. I still enjoy it. That [the contract] has nothing to do with it."

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