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Yankees Rumors: A.J. Burnett Talks Moving Along

The process of trying to trade A.J. Burnett is moving along at a snails pace, especially for those who would like him out of town as soon as possible. However, according to's Andrew Marchand there's optimism that the New York Yankees and Pittsburgh Pirates will get a deal done.

"Eventually, I think, it will get done," a second official, with knowledge of the talks, said.

Marchand reiterates there's still a lot of steps that need to be completed for Burnett to be dealt from the Yankees to the Pirates.

When the Yankees and Pirates agree on the players and how much of the $33 million Pittsburgh will pay of the remaining two years on Burnett's contract, the trade will still not be completed.

At that point, the commissioner will have to bless the deal because of the amount of money that will be changing hands. There likely won't be any David Stern-like issues, but Bud Selig will have the final word.

On Monday, it was reported by The Star-Ledger's Marc Carig that the Yankees will be looking for players in return for Burnett, not just salary relief. So, this process, while moving in the right direction, could take a while to sort out.

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