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Yankees vs. Orioles, ALDS Game 2: Andy Pettitte, Yankees can take control of series

The New York Yankees will pitch Andy Pettitte Monday night in Game 2 of their American League Division Series against the Baltimore Orioles.

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The New York Yankees, with a 1-0 lead, can grab their American League Division Series against the Baltimore Orioles by the throat with a second straight victory in Baltimore Monday night. They have the perfect pitcher on the mound to do just that -- Andy Pettitte.

Pettitte, is the all-time leader in post-season victories and has a 19-10 record with a 3.83 ERA during the playoffs and World Series. The 40-year-old does not see what he has done in the postseason as anything exceptional.

"I feel like I've had some good games, but then I feel like I've had some bad games. I think if you look at my numbers in the postseason, if you have enough opportunities, I think you are what you are," Pettitte said. "I feel like that my numbers in the postseason are pretty similar what they are in my career. I'm a benefit of a lot of great teams with a lot of great players around here, having a whole lot of opportunities to do this."

Pettitte went 5-4 with a 2.87 ERA this season, returning after not pitching in 2011. He missed a huge chunk of the season with a broken ankle after being struck by a line drive.Here is how Pettitte described the seaon, which is appropriate for both himself and the Yankees.

"A lot of ups and downs, a roller coaster for sure, but in the end we got to where we want to be, we're in the position we wanted to be in. This is what I was hoping to have the opportunity to do, and so that's exciting for me personally."

The Yankees are excited to be handing him the ball.


Time: 8:07 p.m. ET