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Alex Rodriguez trade rumors: Cashman says 'He's our third baseman'

Alex Rodriguez was just 3-25 this postseason for the New York Yankees.

Jonathan Daniel

Responding to rumors of an Alex Rodriguez trade, New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said, "He's our third baseman. I'm going to focus on other areas." Here's a list of five reasons A-Rod is virtually un-tradeable:

1) He has a full no-trade clause. Rodriguez will have to approve any deal that goes down.

2) He is owed $114 million over the next five seasons. Plus, Rodriguez could be in line for a bonus $30 million (yes, a bonus) for milestone home runs.

3) Various injuries have prevented A-Rod from playing in more than 138 games in any of the last five seasons. In the last two seasons, he has averaged just 111 games.

4) Rodriguez is simply not the hitter he used to be. A career .300 hitter, he has not hit above .286 since 2008. The power numbers are still there, but A-Rod has struggled against righties. This year, he hit just .256 against right-handed pitching.

5) No teams seem to be interested. The Marlins and Dodgers, the two most logical trading partners for New York, have both come out and said they don't want Rodriguez.