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Alex Rodriguez tells media he makes the lineup better

New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez spoke with the media on Wednesday and said he's not happy about being out of the lineup

Leon Halip - Getty Images

New York Yankees struggling third baseman Alex Rodriguez met with the media on Wednesday prior to Game 4 of the Yankees American League Championship Series against the Detroit Tigers and told them he's not happy about being left out of the lineup .

When asked what his reaction was to being benched for the second straight game, he said:

"I'm not happy about it. You come to the ballpark saying you can help the team win, and when you see your name is not in the lineup, you're obviously disappointed."

Rodriguez refused to speculate as to why he was left out of the lineup, but did say "any time I'm in that lineup, I think that lineup is better and it has a better chance to win." Rodriguez added that he didn't want to quit on the team and he was focused only on Wednesday's Game 4 and being ready if his number was called and not the future. A-Rod did say that the criticism for his play on the field was well-deserved, but he still believed that he should be in the lineup.