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Alex Rodriguez trade rumors: Yankees deny any talks with Marlins

The rumors are swirling regarding a potential trade of third baseman Alex Rodriguez from the New York Yankees to the Miami Marlins. It was originally rumored, by Keith Olbermann, that the two teams were in discussions regarding a trade. Olbermann recently updated his story with a note that general manager Brian Cashman has denied his report and that Cashman is "incorrect."

Bryan Hoch was the one to Tweet Cashman's proclamation that the rumors regarding Rodriguez are "not true." Olbermann points out that Cashman has denied things that ended up being true in the past (and also referenced an event in which Olbermann was thrown out, presumably by order of Cashman), and also referenced a point in which the Yankees ownership signed a free agent without discussing it with Cashman in the past.

So at this point, the Yankees have officially denied any trade talks regarding Rodriguez and the Marlins, while the one who broke the original rumor is sticking to his guns. That's all the word on the trade thus far.