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Alex Rodriguez trade rumors: Marlins-Yankees reportedly discuss deal

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The New York Yankees are reportedly thinking about trading Alex Rodriguez, says Keith Olbermann.

Andrew Burton - Getty Images

The New York Yankees have discussed trading third baseman Alex Rodriguez to the Miami Marlins, according to a report by Keith Olbermann at his blog.

Citing sources from both organizations, the Yankees would agree to pay the majority -- if not all-- of Rodriguez's $114 million contract that spans the next five seasons. There is also a scenario in place where the Yankees would pay less of Rodriguez's salary by taking on Miami's struggling closer Heath Bell and the remainder of the three-year, $27 million contract he signed last winter.

According to the report, there is no indication as to how serious these discussions are. However, one of the sources close to the Marlins organization believed that the deal made sense for both teams and would likely be completed in some form.

In six games played this postseason, Rodriguez only has three hits and a batting average of .130. He did not play in Tuesday night's loss to the Detroit Tigers in Game 3 of the American League Championship Series.