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Yankees vs. Tigers, 2012 ALCS: Phil Hughes pulled in fourth inning with apparent injury

With no outs in the fourth inning and just having surrendered a home run to Delmon Young and a walk to Andy Dirks, Phil Hughes was taken out of the game with an apparent injury in Game 3 of the ALCS.

The Yankees turned to Hughes to silence the Detroit Tigers' bats on Tuesday night in Game 3 in Detroit with the Yankees down 2-0 to the in the best-of-seven series. Hughes had kept the Tigers off the scoreboard in his first three innings, matching zeroes with Tigers starter Justin Verlander through the first few frames.

But after giving up a solo shot to Young, already the Tigers' all-time leader in postseason homeruns, and a walk to Dirks, Phelps showed some discomfort and was replaced by reliever David Phelps with Dirks on first base and a run already in in the bottom of the fourth.

Phelps also replaced Joba Chamberlain after the Yankees reliever was pulled after being hit by a broken bat in a relief appearance in the ALDS against the Baltimore Orioles.