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Tigers vs. Yankees, 2012 ALCS Game 2: New York fans upset with offense, umpiring

Poor offense and a blown call at second base has New York Yankees fans upset after a 3-0 Game 2 loss to the Detroit Tigers in the ALCS.

Elsa - Getty Images

The New York Yankees fell behind the Detroit Tigers 2-0 in the 2012 American League Championship Series, losing 3-0 in Game 2 on Sunday.

New York's offense was stymied by Detroit starter Anibal Sanchez, leaving Matt Ferenchick of SB Nation's Yankees blog Pinstriped Bible at a bit of a loss for words. The Yankees tallied only four hits on the day and never really threatened to score.

But New York's offensive malaise was not the only thing Ferenchick was upset about. A questionable call involving a tag at second base in the top of the eighth inning helped lead to two Tigers insurance runs, and that did not sit well with the Yankees blogger:

Since the Yankees never scored, it's easy to say that the blown call didn't mean anything. But after the ninth inning yesterday, that line of thinking is nonsense. Yes, the Yankees didn't score and would've lost even if the correct call was made. That doesn't make it okay.

The tough loss puts New York in an especially dire situation, as they now must head to Detroit to face Tigers ace Justin Verlander in Game 3. Verlander has been dominant so far this postseason, so he's not somebody the slumping Yankees bats want to see.

First pitch of Game 3 is on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET.