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Orioles Vs. Yankees score update: Baltimore leads, 2-1, after six innings

The Baltimore Orioles lead the New York Yankees, 2-1, after six innings in Game 3 of the American League Division Series at Yankee Stadium.

Baltimore took the lead in the top of the fifth on a massive home run off the bat of rookie third baseman Manny Machado.

Hiroki Kuroda has been very solid, despite trailing at the moment. The 37-year-old has only allowed two runs on five hits and a walk while striking out two. Just as important, Kuroda has only thrown 77 pitches. With continued success, he may be able to throw a few more frames.

Miguel Gonzalez has also pitched a terrific game. The youngster has been up to the challenge of the vaunted Yankee lineup, surrendering just a single run on a Derek Jeter triple back in the third frame. Gonzalez has also kept New York off-balance, striking out five.

In the seventh, Baltimore has Ryan Flaherty, Machado and Nate McLouth due up.