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Yankees Rumors, Jan. 4 Update: Hiroyuki Nakajima, Roy Oswalt

The wheels have spun slowly for the New York Yankees this offseason, and that seems to be the continuing trend as they try to construct a roster for the 2012 season.

Reports are that it seems “unlikely” that the Yankees will reach an agreement with Japanese infielder Hiroyuki Nakajima by Friday, which is the final day of the 30-day negotiating window the Yankees earned by winning the posting bid.

Jack Curry of YES Network says the Yankees, who were a surprise winner of Nakijima’s right, are offering only a one-year contract for Nakajima, viewed as a utility infielder by New York.

On the pitching front, most of the focus has been on free-agent Edwin Jackson and a possible trade for Matt Garza of the Chicago Cubs.

The Boston Globe speculates today that the Yankees may still be in the running for veteran free-agent Roy Oswalt. That actually seems unlikely as the Yankees have voiced concerns about Oswalt’s back and have shown little inclination to pursue him.