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Yankees' Rumors: Trade For Matt Garza Or Sign Edwin Jackson?

Matt Garza or Edwin Jackson? Which right-hander would you rather have in your starting rotation New York Yankees' fans? I have to ask, because reports indicate that a trade for Garza or the free-agent acquisition of Jackson appear to be the most likely scenarios as the Yankees try to bolster their starting rotation.

Jon Heyman of CBS summarized the Yankees' thoughts on both pitchers this way:

They like both pitchers. But so far the Yankees don't like the cost for Garza in terms of prospects, and they don't love the price tag for Jackson, either. The Cubs surely would like some combination of Jesus Montero, Manuel Banuelos and Dellin Betances for Garza. Jackson's asking price is said by sources to be about $60 million for five years.

Heyman also indicated that the Yankees are one of five teams talking to the Chicago Cubs about a trade for Garza.

Garza, 28, has a 52-54 record and a 3.83 career ERA in six seasons. He has pitched successfully in the American League East, having been in Tampa Bay's rotation for three seasons.

Jackson, also 28, has a 60-60 career record and a 4.46 ERA. He was 12-9, 3.73 combined with the Chicago White Sox and St. Louis Cardinals a season ago. The troubling thing with Jackson is that he has already pitched for six teams since breaking into the big leagues in 2003. Yet, he has made more than 30 starts in four consecutive seasons.

Which move would you prefer, Yankees fans?