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Yankees Rumors 01.21: A.J. Burnett Still On Trading Block, Still Untradeable

ESPN’s Jayson Stark wrote today that New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman is still trying to do the impossible. That means Cashman is still trying to get someone to take overpaid, underproductive starting pitcher A.J. Burnett off the team’s hands.

As Stark wrote, “good luck with that.”

Cashman has pretty much been trying to find a taker for the 35-year-old Burnett and his $16.5 million per year contract ever since the 2011 season ended. With Michael Pineda added via the trade for Jesus Montero, Burnett is even more of an albatross around the Yankees neck at this point.

Burnett has pitched to ERAs of 5.15 and 5.26 in the past two seasons, and the Yankees would love to find someone to take the enigmatic right-hander off their hands.

It appears, though, that Cashman is going to have to be a miracle worker in order to get Burnett out of pinstripes.