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Yankees Rumors: DH Candidates Are Lining Up For New York

Whether or not the New York Yankees are actually interested in bringing in a veteran to be at least a part-time designated hitter is debatable. It seems, though, that there are no shortage of free-agent players will to fill the role.

Newsday’s Ken Davidoff tweets that “The reps for Jack Cust, Vladimir Guerrero & Raul Ibanez have contacted the #Yankees about their DH opening.”

Cust and Ibanez are lefty hitters. Guerrero is a right-handed hitter and would probably carry the biggest price tag. There has really been no indication from the Yankees that they are actually interested in any of these players.

The Yankees have been connected to several players. Johnny Damon has been mentioned as a possibility, along with Carlos Pena and former Yankee outfielder/DH Hideki Matsui.

An apparent opening for a designated hitter was created when the Yankees traded Jesus Montero for pitcher Michael Pineda, a bombshell deal that vastly upgraded the New York pitching staff.