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Yankees Will Add A Pitcher -- Guaranteed, Sort Of

New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman says he is perfectly OK with the team’s quiet off-season thus far. Will the Yankees’ lack of activity continue?

Well, the Yankees are running out of time with Spring Training six weeks away. They might also be running out of options for starting pitching upgrades. SB Nation’s Grant Brisbee, however, isn’t buying that the Yankees won’t do something.

Yeah. There are three second-tier starting pitchers left on the market: Hiroki Kuroda, Roy Oswalt, and Edwin Jackson. Their asking price is reportedly dropping. The Yankees absolutely will sign one of them. It’s the Baseball Nation Lock of the Week™ — call 866-800-1275 for our other picks. Oswalt and Kuroda are even okay with one-year deals, which suits New York just fine.

The Yankees are playing it cool right now. They don’t need to panic. They aren’t knee-deep in sewage, desperately needing a plumber. But their teenage son keeps flushing potatoes down the toilet because him and his punk friends think it’s funny. They’re right to think that they should be a little proactive.

Brisbee is probably right here, in his own strange way. There are good reasons for the Yankees to feel uncomfortable about every starting pitcher they have not named CC Sabathia. There are, however, also lots of good reasons not to pay big money for any of the available guys Brisbee mentioned.

Yes, the Yankees have been quiet. That, however, does not mean they have not been interesting.