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Yankees GM, Brian Cashman Speaks Out on Quiet Off-Season

The New York Yankees have been uncharacteristically quiet this off-season. Normally players for the biggest of biggest free agents, like Albert Pujols and Jose Reyes, the Yankees have sat and watched everyone else bid on the big names this off-season. Because of their lack of acquisitions, the Yankees – and General Manager Brian Cashman in particular – have been subject of much criticism from the media and the fans. In a recent interview with Richard Justice of Cashman essentially stated he doesn't care about the criticism.

"I've learned over time," he said. "I used to care. I used to pay attention to what the media said, what managers and coaches said. I've compartmentalized everything. Now it just doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. If it's the wrong thing, don't do it. If it's the right thing, you've gotta do it. I'm going to do it my way. You don't get points for pleasing people."

Despite their lack of moves, the Yankees will still open the 2012 season with the highest payroll in the Major Leagues.

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