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Yankees Rumors 01.10: New York Biding Its Time Until Next Winter?

We have nearly reached the middle of January, and things remain awfully quiet around the New York Yankees. So, what are the New York Yankees going to do to upgrade their starting pitching? Better question might be, are they going to do anything at all?

ESPN's Buster Olney is reporting that the Yankees will decide in the "next couple of weeks" whether or not they will increase their 2012 budget -- most likely to make a better run at adding a starting picher. River Avenue Blues said the only likely outcome of that scenario would be the signing of free-agent right-hander Edwin Jackson, a player the Yankees have been rumored to be interested in.

There might be another plan at work, however. The New York Times speculated recently that the Yankees could be biding their time until after the upcoming season when they could have much more appealing choices.

Tyler Kepner of the Times writes:

It turns out the Yankees are not obliged to sign a player just because he happens to be a free agent who would fill a need. They won 97 games last season, the most in the league, before their first-round playoff loss. They can give it another try with these players and go back on the market next winter, when the free-agent starters should be much more appealing.

Cole Hamels and Matt Cain, All-Stars younger than 30 with strong postseason pedigrees, are unsigned past this season. Either would make more sense for the Yankees, in the long term, than Wilson or the other top starters on this winter's market.

Imagine that. The Yankees being smart with their money rather than just throwing it at whoever happens to be available. What is the world coming to?