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Yankees-Orioles Score: Baltimore Beats New York, 5-4, In 11 Innings

This had to be some sort of cruel joke from the baseball Gods. Starting an afternoon game less than 11 hours after completing a rain-soaked game that ended at 2:15 a.m., the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles slogged through 11 innings in miserable field conditions Wednesday afternoon at Yankee Stadium.

At least, it turned out to be worthwhile for the Orioles. Baltimore won, 5-4, scoring an unearned run in the 11th off Hector Noesi that was set up when shortstop Eduardo Nunez flubbed a ground ball for his second error of the game.

The game was tied, 4-4, after just four innings of play. Baltimore’s bullpen pitched six scoreless innings, and the Yankee bullpen pitched four scoreless innings before Baltimore won the game in the 11th.

Making things even tougher on both teams, they have to travel back to Baltimore for a makeup game on Thursday, a circumstance necessitated by a prior rainout.