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Yankees Vs. Tigers ALDS Game 1: Rain Delays Game In 2nd Inning

Game 1 of the New York Yankees vs. Detroit Tigers American League Division Series at Yankee Stadium has been halted by rain in the bottom of the second inning. The score is tied, 1-1.

The Tigers scored in the top half of the first inning on a home run by Delmon Young. The Yankees scored in the bottom half of the inning. Derek Jeter reached on a wild pitch despite striking and came around to score on a walk and a pair of groundouts, with Alex Rodriguez getting the game-tying RBI.

The forecast was apparently for intermittent showers in the New York City area. The rain, however, is harder than anticipated. The forecast does not show much of a break in the weather for the next several hours.

The Yankees and Tigers are pitching their aces, CC Sabathia for New York and Justin Verlander for Detroit. A long delay or postponement would force the teams to waste their best pitchers.