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Scott Proctor Returns To Big Leagues With Yankees

The promotion to the big leagues of prized prospect Jesus Montero is getting much of the attention today around the New York Yankees. Justifiable, especially since the 21-year-old could be a significant piece to the team’s postseason puzzle.

Montero, though, is not the only player being added to the Yankee roster today as active rosters can officially expand to as many as 40 players. Three other players, pitcher Scott Proctor, third baseman Brandon Laird and outfielder Chris Dickerson were also added.

Proctor is the best story and, to be honest one that just feels right. You remember Proctor, right? The guy then-Yankee manager Joe Torre used almost every day for a season and a half in 2006 and 2007 before Brian Cashman took away Torre’s favorite toy, dealing him to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Well, Torre might as well have driven a truck over Proctor’s right arm.

Proctor pitched badly in 2008, compiling a 6.05 ERA before undergoing elbow surgery and missing nearly two full seasons. He pitched six meaningless games at the end of last season for Atlanta.

This season Proctor made the Braves roster, but compiled a not-so-pretty 6.44 ERA in 31 games before being released. Cashman signed him to a minor-league contract, possibly feeling he owed him the chance to continue his career.

Proctor did pitch well at Scranton Wilkes-Barre, though, compiling a 1.50 ERA in 20 appearances over 24 innings. This might be no more than Cashman allowing Proctor to compile some additional big-league service time — it’s doubtful the 34-year-old would find a big role in the Yankee bullpen.

Regardless, it feel right. Welcome back to the pinstripes, Scott!