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Yankees Trade Rumors: Anybody Got A Lefty Reliever For Sale?

The New York Yankees are tied to New York Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez whenever K-Rod trade speculation is written about. That, seemingly, is because the Yankees can afford him, they have had some bullpen injuries and Mets-Yankees trade possibilities are fun to write about. The Yankees, though, don't really seem to have expressed any serious interest in Rodriguez.

The Yankees have also been mentioned as a potential destination for San Diego closer Heath Bell.

More likely, reports -- including this one by Ken Davidoff of Newsday -- have indicated that the Yankees are focused on adding a left-hander to their bullpen.

We have already discussed many of the possible lefty relievers who could be available. Randy Choate of Florida, John Grabow of the Chicago Cubs and Brian Fuentes of Oakland. Maybe Baltimore will make Mike Gonzalez available by the deadline.

We will have to wait and see. If the Yankees hold to this, though, they won't be making any major deals at the deadline.