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Yankees Trade Rumors: Michael Cuddyer, MIke Adams, James Shields, Joakim Soria

As the MLB Trade Deadline approaches let's catch up on the buzz surrounding the New York Yankees. Their signing of veteran outfielder/DH Marcus Thames a few days ago might be an indication they are looking for right-handed hitting.

Personally, I still like versatile Minnesota veteran Michael Cuddyer as a Yankee target, but I have not seen his name connected to New York at all. That doesn't mean it can't happen, but it does mean it isn't on the front burner right now.

Here is some of what is being talked about.

The Yankees are apparently "not leaning towards dealing for a starter." Unless, of course, that starter happens to be a top-flight guy like Tampa Bay's James Shields. The Yankees apparently had the chutzpah to ask their AL East rivals if the right-hander was available, and were rebuffed. Can't blame them for trying, though.

The Yankees have reportedly kicked the tires on Kansas City closer Joakim Soria, something that was also discussed a year ago. The Royals want a steep return for Soria, though. Buster Olney also reported that the Yankees are "unlikely" to swing a deal for San Diego reliever Mike Adams, again because the price is too high.

One week to go before the deadline. Something will happen, and knowing GM Brian Cashman is will be something unexpected.