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Bud Selig Defends Derek Jeter's Decision To Skip MLB All-Star Game

The 2011 MLB All Star Game is just about set to start from Phoenix, Arizona, and one of the more controversial aspects of the mid-summer classic is the absence of Derek Jeter. Fresh off of reaching the 3,000 hit milestone, Jeter opted to forgo the event this year. Players and the media have had mixed reactions, some of which we shared and reacted to here on SB Nation New York.

One man who wholeheartedly supports and understands Jeter’s decision is the commissioner himself, Bud Selig. Here’s what Selig had to say about Jeter’s absence:

“I know what Derek Jeter is going through and his situation,” Selig told the on-hand media. “If I were in his place, I would have made the same decision as Derek Jeter.”

“Any suggestion I’m not happy with Jeter is false,” Selig continued. “There isn’t a player I’m more proud of in the last 15 years than Derek Jeter.”

Despite Jeter’s no-show, Yankees fans can still tune in at 8:05 EST to watch OF Curtis Granderson, 2B Robinson Cano, C Russell Martin (reserve), and RP David Robertson suit up for the American League. Alex Rodriguez will sit out the game due to an injury.

For more updates on the All Star game throughout the evening, stay tuned here and at Pinstripe Alley for more coverage and commentary.