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MLB Draft Grades: Yankees' Bichette Pick Panned

One note about instant MLB Draft Grades. In truth, it will take years before anyone knows who made good decisions and who made bad ones on the first day of the 2011 MLB Draft. That said, everyone loves instant analysis and a player draft in any sport brings plenty of that. In the case of the New York Yankees and their first selection, third baseman/outfielder Dante Bichete Jr., taken 51st overall on Monday night, that isn't really a good thing.

The choice of the power-hitting high schooler is being panned by most who study the draft. SB Nation's MLB Bonus Baby did not like the selection at all.

Conversely, John Sickels of SB Nation's Minor League Ball, seemed satisfied by the selection.

Very similar to his father with the same mixture of strengths and weaknesses if he develops as expected. Perhaps an overdraft by a round, but the bloodlines are excellent and I am not convinced this is an overdraft at all. Another possible 30-homer bat.

Sickels' opinion, though, seems to be the minority one.

ESPN's MLB Draft Blog called Bichette's hitting "a question." Which, I suppose, is true since he hasn't faced a professional pitcher yet.

MLB Draft Insider gave the Yankees a failing grade for the Bichette selection. It said "There are far too many good talents still out there for this to be acceptable from the Yankee."