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MLB Mock Draft 2011: John Sickels Offers First Mock

We posted weekly renditions of mock drafts leading up to the 2011 NFL Draft here at SB Nation New York. We are already providing NBA fans with volumes of information about the 2011 NBA Draft. Well, it's time to give a little love to the upcoming 2011 MLB Draft, which is about a month away.

SB Nation's John Sickels, editor of Minor League Ball and one of the premier minor-league baseball experts anywhere, has posted his first mock draft.

The New York Mets select 13th in the first round, and Sickels has the Mets taking John Stilson, RHP, Texas A&M. He does not, however, sound incredibly enthused by the pick, saying:

I don't see the Mets changing their conservative draft philosophy just yet, but Stilson should be signable, has plenty of upside and is moving up charts.

The Yankees do not have a pick among the first 32. They would have been 31st, but that pick will go to Tampa Bay as compensation for the free-agent signing of reliever Rafael Soriano.

The Yankees' first first pick will come in the 'sandwich' round, 51st overall. It comes from the Florida Marlins as compensation for the free-agent signing of Javier Vazquez.

Interestingly, Sickels has Gerrit Cole, drafted in the first round out of high school (28th overall) by the Yankees in 2008, being selected second overall in this draft by the Seattle Mariners. Cole, of course, went to UCLA rather than sign with the Yankees.