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Yankees' Chris Dickerson Has Concussion, But Says 'It's Not Serious'

New York Yankees’ outfielder Chris Dickerson has a concussion after being beaned by a Mike Gonzalez’ fastball in the 15th inning Wednesday night, but will apparently avoid a trip to the newly-established seven-day concussion disabled list.

“It’s not serious,’’ Dickerson said of the concussion, the third one he recalls suffering. “There was no loss of peripheral vision or the red spots.’

“I am much better,’’ Dickerson said before Thursday night’s game. He spent time at the University of Maryland Hospital Wednesday night where he underwent a CAT-Scan. “I had a splitting headache and I couldn’t sleep. The side of my face was killing me and I was up all night. It could have been much worse, I feel extremely fortunate.’’

Dickerson said he did not believe the pitch from Gonzalez was intentionally aimed at his head. Gonzalez was ejected after hitting Dickerson in the 15th inning, a blow that broke Dickerson’s helmet.