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Jorge Posada Issues Apology To Joe Girardi

Jorge Posada of the New York Yankees has issued an apology for removing himself from Saturday’s lineup against the Boston Red sox. Posada, who was placed ninth in the batting order, refused to play.

From USA Today:

“I just talked to Girardi, I kind of apologized to him. I had a bad day yesterday. … Everybody has a bad day. … One of those days you wish you could take back. … Everything happens for a reason. You live with your mistakes. You move on. … What’s done is done. You have to acknowledge that. You have to take care of your actions … I let some people down.”

Yes, Jorge, you did let some people down. Including the fan base that has watched and admired you during a 17-year career in which you have been a tough, hard-nosed player and a leader on some great Yankee teams.

Now the question for the Yankees is whether or not Posada can hit well enough to help this team win. The Yankees have now lost eight of their last 11 and fallen out of first place in the American League East.

If Posada can’t do better than his .165 batting average he will find himself benched, or worse.