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Jorge Posada Claiming Back Kept Him Out Of Lineup

A clearly testy New York Yankees Manager Joe Girardi said several times during his post-game press conference Saturday night that slumping designated hitter Jorge Posada did not play because he “needed a day” to clear his head.

Posada also told reporters he needed a day, but added that his back stiffened after taking too many pre-game ground balls at first base and he felt he could not play.

Posada said he has no intention of retiring, and denied that he asked out of the lineup because he was angry about being placed last in the Yankees’ revised batting order. Posada told reporters several times that he had made his feelings clear about that prior to the game, and that he blamed himself for not hitting well.

There appears, however, to be a huge divide between Posada and Yankee General Manager Brian Cashman. After the game, Posada appeared clearly annoyed that Cashman had spoken to FOX Sports reporter Ken Rosenthal on-air during the game, and told him that Posada’s absence from the lineup was not injury related.

Cashman was critical of Posada after the game.

“It’s disappointing. Jorgie knew what I was going to say, as did his agents.”

Whatever the truth is here, I have to agree with the thought process expressed by some media members that the only thing that will keep Posada in pinstripes is if he starts to hit — and soon. This episode could well hasten his exit.