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Report: 'Insulted' Posada Refused To Play

Word is circulating that New York Yankees’ designated hitter Jorge Posada was “insulted” by being dropped to ninth in the batting order for Saturday night’s game against the Boston Red Sox and refused to play. Jack Curry of YESNetwork tweeted that Posada “threw a hissy fit.”

The Yankees have reportedly already been in contact with Major League Baseball about their recourse for Posada’s refusal.

ESPN New York’s Andrew Marchand tweeted that Posada, a proud 17-year veteran, felt “disrespected” by being dropped to last in the batting order.

Posada is hitting just .165 this season and has only three RBI in the month of May.

Bob Klapisch tweeted that Posada is “definitely not retiring.” It sounds, however, like the Yankees are expecting an apology from their designated hitter. The question becomes what happens if they don’t get one, or one that is satisfactory.

Klapisch also tweeted that this is a “total no-win situation” for Posada. He’s right. You have no leverage when you are hitting .165, no matter what your past accomplishments are.