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Bye, Bye Playoffs! -- Red Sox Start Season 0-5

The Boston Red Sox lost 8-4 to the Cleveland Indians Wednesday night and dropped its fifth consecutive game to start the 2011 MLB season. As Red Sox nation tries to figure out what is going on, New York Yankees fans are grinning ear-to-ear at their rivals early-season struggles. Not only are the Yankees three games ahead of the Red Sox in the MLB standings just five games into the season, but if history repeats itself (and we're all taught that it usually does) then the AL East-preseason favorites are going to miss the playoffs!

"In major league history, which dates to 1871, 110 teams have started a season 0-5. Just two of those 110 went on to make the postseason, less than two percent," wrote's Cliff Corcoran Wednesday morning,

Only the 1974 Pittsburgh Pirates and 1995 Cincinnati Reds began the season 0-5 and made the playoffs. Also, starting this season 0-5 were the Tampa Bay Rays and Houston Astros, who both lost on Wednesday.