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Phil Hughes Shuts Down Bullpen Session, Heads To The Doctor

The New York Yankees did not get good news on young right-hander Phil Hughes Monday. Hughes, on the 15-day disabled list with what has been described as a "dead arm," shut down a bullpen session after just a few pitches and will now head to the doctor to have his right arm examined.

"It was just the same, the same as before. It just felt like nothing coming out, and I didn't bounce back off that long bullpen session like I would have liked," the right-hander said. "So that's where we're at. Just a lot of deadness after the first 10 or so ... we're just gonna take a couple days and rest it and re-evaluate it from there."

"It's not really something that I'm really worried about. I'm just trying to take every step to get it right," Hughes said. "Obviously if they think that there's something going on and they want to check it out, then I'm all for that, too. But I'm not really in a position to want anything but to be healthy."

Hughes won 18 games for the Yankees a season ago, but pitched to an ERA of 13.94 before the Yankees disabled him in hopes of rebuilding his arm strength and velocity. Now, there have to be questions about when --or if -- the Yankees might see production from Hughes this season.

With Hughes sidelined, the Yankee rotation is CC Sabathia and a collection of question marks. You can bet General Manager Brian Cashman will be working the phones to find at least one starting pitcher later on this season.