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Playing 20 Questions With The Yankees

Yankees fans can lament Cliff Lee landing in Philly and Andy Pettitte retiring in Texas.

They can sweat what type of year A.J. Burnett will deliver, wonder if general manager Brian Cashman was right about $35 million for Rafael Soriano being too much and ask themselves if Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira and Robinson Cano can carry a suspect rotation after CC Sabathia.

Yet, even the biggest self-hating Yankees fan has to have a hard time picking a team other than the Bombers to cop the AL wild card. And that's before they make their annual moves in July, one of which likely will bring a quality starter to The Bronx.

New York Post, March 30, 2011

Will Jeter recover?
Will A-Rod be great?
Will A.J.'s ERA hover
At right around eight?
Will Mo ever tire?
Will Hughes ever learn?
Will Andy unretire
If starters crash and then burn?
Will Gardner advance?
Will Robbie regress?
Will Martin have chance
to find his past success?
Will Grandy hit lefty?
Will new Pedro heal?
Will Joba stay healthy
and on even keel?
Will Rays pass the Yankees?
Will (gasp) the Red Sox?
Let's stop asking questions
Yanks are safest of stocks.