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Alex Rodriguez: 'I’m As Healthy As I've Been In Three Or Four Years'

The seven home runs Alex Rodriguez hit in 49 Spring Training at-bats were a good sign for New York Yankees fans. So was his .388 batting average. So, it seems, is his frame of mind.

"I’m as healthy as I’ve been in two or three years, that’s for sure," Rodriguez said during an appearance with Michael Kay on ESPN Radio in New York. "I certainly feel as good and as strong as I’ve felt probably since ’06-’07.”

Rodriguez, 36, is entering his 18th major-league season. He is now two full years removed the hip surgery he underwent early in 2009. Observers who have watched him during Spring Training think he could be headed for a monster season. Rodriguez said he was able to train fully this off-season rather than rehab his hip.

I think it makes a big difference because most of my off time…obviously we have a very busy schedule during the season playing north of 200 games, and I think all my free time was spent either in a pool or with Gino just trying to get my hip ready to play," Said Rodriguez. "Once I got the green light in November from Doctor Phillipon I was very excited and I got back to my old regiment."

A-Rod also discussed a wide range of other Yankee topics. Sports Radio Interviews has the full transcript.