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New York Yankees Spring Training 2011: Curtis Granderson Could Miss Opener

What it with the New York Yankees and oblique injuries this Spring. Starting center fielder Curtis Granderson is the latest Yankee to be struck by such an injury since camp began, and may wind up on the disabled list when the season opens a week from today.

Granderson joins pitchers Sergio Mitre and Joba Chamberlain, along with outfielder Greg Golson, as players who have suffered oblique injuries during Spring Training. The injuries have led manager Joe Girardi to confer with his staff to see if anything had changed in the Yankees’ conditioning routine from a season ago.

Granderson had been having an oustanding spring, going 15-for-39 (.385). If he is unable to start the season Brett Gardner would move to center field and Andruw Jones would probably play left field. A Granderson injury might also guarantee an Opening Day roster spot for Justin Maxwell, an outfielder vying for one of the final spots on the Yankee bench. During Granderson’s absence the Yankees will need an extra outfielder, especially one who can replace Jones for defense.