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Michael Young: Yankees On Trade Wish List

Unhappy Texas Rangers infielder/designated hitter Michael Young apparently has included the New York Yankees on a list of eight teams he would like to be traded to. Just because the Yankees might be on Young's wish list doesn't mean Young to the Yankees makes sense for either side. As I wrote in an earlier post, it really doesn't.

First and foremost, the Yankees have no place for Young to play. They have Robinson Cano, Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez at second base, shortstop and third base. They are committed to Jorge Posada as the primary designated hitter. Young is not going to unseat any of those players. He would be a nice insurance policy for all of them as he is still a quality hitter. The Yankees, though, are not paying $48 million over the next three seasons for Young to caddy for their star infielders. Also, even though the Yankees might be on Young's list you have to wonder if he would really be happy in a bench role. More likely the Yankees are on the list simply because Young knows they have the cash to pay him.

Young does have a no-trade clause, but per the Dallas Star-Telegram has given the Rangers a list of eight teams to which he would accept a trade. In addition to the Yankees, they are: St. Louis, Minnesota, Houston, Colorado, San Diego and both teams in Los Angeles.