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Andy Pettitte Is Retired -- And Staying That Way

New York Yankees fans you can forget any thoughts you might have been having about Andy Pettitte changing his mind about retiring and returning at some point during the 2011 baseball season. Admit it, you know you were having them.

During an appearance on the Michael Kay Show on ESPN Radio New York following his retirement announcement, Petitte squashed any thoughts of a 2011 comeback.

“I can tell ya I am not going to play baseball this year. I can guarantee you I will not play this year. I am committed to that,” Pettitte said. "I have no desire at all to come in the middle of a season or anything like that. If I was gonna be committed, I want to be committed to this team and do the things that I need to do as far as getting to know the personnel on the team, the new guys on the team, build relationships up with those guys. That was just something I’m not gonna be able to do. It’s something I will not do.”

I guess that is about as definitive an answer as you can get to that question.

Sports Radio Interviews has the full transcript of Pettitte’s chat with Kay.