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A.J. Burnett Trade Rumors: Anyone Want A Wildly Unpredictable Right-Hander?

New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman can rappel down the side of tall buildings, which he has done two years in a row for charity. What he can't do is rid the Yankees of A.J. Burnett, the enigmatic and overpaid starting pitcher.

Cashman is trying, making the soon-to-be 35-year-old Burnett available via trade for anyone who wants him. There are, however, no takers.

Realistically, unless Cashman and the Yankees are willing to pick up a significant chunk of the $33 million Burnett has coming over the final two years of his contract, why would anyone take him off the Yankees' hands?

The unpredictable Burnett -- unless you want to just predict mediocrity or worse -- has had successive seasons with ERA's above 5.00. After 13 seasons in the big leagues he is what he is, a mediocre thrower whose success/failure can't be predicted from inning to inning. Oh, and he makes way more money than his production warrants.

Getting someone to take Burnett would probably be addition by subtraction for the Yankees. It does not seem, however, that it is likely to happen.