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David Ortiz Free Agency Rumors: Yankees A Good Fit For Slugger?

The New York Yankees have given no indication that they might interested in pursuing free-agent slugger David Ortiz, a long-time nemesis with the rival Boston Red Sox. There appear, however, to bevoices telling Ortiz he should go the Bronx.

Former Yankee Johnny Damon is apparently one of them:

“Shoot, I was trying to tell him if he went to New York his 30 home runs turns into 40,” Damon said. “He still has a great chance to win. I’m happy I got to experience both sides [of the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry]. Both sides were very incredible for me.

“What people don’t understand is that there’s a business part of it. As a player, I wish I could have been in Kansas City my entire career. But once you get traded, you get to thinking and you accept whatever comes your way and you try and make whatever team you’re on better. David can do that.

“As a baseball fan, I would love to see him stay in Boston. But being a part of it, I know there may be some opportunities and less drama elsewhere.”

Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano is also on the Ortiz to the Yankees bandwagon:

“It would be a good idea, having another lefty on the team,” Cano told the Daily News while in attendance at Ortiz’s fourth annual charity golf tournament. “We all know he’s a great hitter. Last year, a lot of people were saying, ‘He’s done.’ He proved a lot of people wrong. I like people, when they’re down, they prove people wrong. He came back, did a great job.”

Would Ortiz actually fit with the Yankees? He is 36 and can really only be a DH. The Yankees have older players like Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter, who are helped by occasional days at designated hitter. They also have young phenom Jesus Montero, who as of now figures to be the team’s primary DH in 2012.

Ortiz, obviously, can still hit. He batted .309 in 2011 with 29 home runs and 96 RBI. Is there any real chance he will be doing his hitting for the Yankees in 2012? It seems unlikely, but stay tuned.