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Yankees Trade Rumors 2011: Matt Garza Drawing Interest

Trade talks for Chicago Cubs starter Matt Garza are heating up, and the New York Yankees are reportedly in on the action.

David Kaplan of CSN Chicago is reporting that the Yankees, Boston Red Sox and Toronto Blue Jays are all interested in acquiring the right-handed Garza, who was 10-10 last year with a 3.32 ERA and 197 strikeouts in 198.0 innings pitched.

Now that top-notch starters like Gio Gonzalez are off the market, teams have begun to ratchet up their interest in Garza. The Yankees have long been intrigued by Garza but might be unwilling to part with a package enticing enough to land him.

Kaplan suggested that the Cubs' asking price for Garza is "incredibly high," so it's unsure if the Yankees or anyone else will meet the price. The Cubs might have to settle for less if they wish to move Garza prior to the season.

Garza still has two years left on his contract, adding to his trade value.

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