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C.J. Wilson Free Agency Rumors: Yankees Turn Down Meeting

The New York Yankees have been down-playing any real interest in free-agent starting pitcher CJ. Wilson for a while, and have now reportedly turned down a proposed visit by the guy considered the top starting pitcher available in free agency.

It’s About The Money wonders if the Yankees are feigning disinterest simply to drive Wilson’s price down. That, of course, would fit general manager Brian Cashman’s style of swooping in later rather than trying to set the market.

CBS Sports reported that the Anaheim Angels and Miami Marlins have expressed interest in Wilson, but that Wilson’s asking price is currently $100 million. The Washington Nationals are also reportedly in the Wilson sweepstakes.

Perhaps the Yankees really don’t want Wilson. They have hinted that they are done free-agent shopping, not that anyone believed that.

Whether they eventually get in on the Wilson bidding or not it is hard to believe the Yankees would enter next season with virtually the same unsatisfying starting rotation they had in 2011.