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Yu Darvish Rumors: If Blue Jays Win Rights, What Next For Yankees?

If the reports floating around the Inter-Google are to be believed -- and why wouldn't we believe them? -- it seems like Japanese right-hander Yu Darvish will be a member of the New York Yankees. The New York Post is reporting that the Toronto Blue Jays have placed the highest posting bid for Darvish, meaning that the Yankees will apparently not earn the negotiating rights to Darvish.

So, what do the Yankees do if Darvish is going elsewhere? GM Brian Cashman has said throughout the offseason that upgrading the team's starting pitching was his focus, but he has been unable to do that. The Yankees re-signed veteran Freddy Garcia, but have not added to the unsatisfying group they had last season. And if Darvish is off the table their options appear to be dwindling.

The Oakland Athletics have been soliciting offers for left-handed Gio Gonzalez, but I haven't found any reports that the Yankees have made any sort of serious offer for the talented young pitcher. The Chicago White Sox are dangling lefty John Danks, but various reports have indicated that Chicago wants catcher/designated hitter prospect Jesus Montero and one of the Yankees top young pitching prospects as well. 

That leaves veteran free-agent  Hiroki Kuroda as probably the most attractive pitcher currently available. Our friends at Pinstripe Alley are all in for a Kuroda signing. Personally, I have been less enthused by the idea of Kuroda in the Yankees rotation.

At this point, though, Kuroda might be the only option. If, that is, the Yankees do anything at all.