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Yankees Not Interested in Hiroki Kuroda?

According to the Daily News the Yankees denied reports that they made a contract offer to Hiroki Kuroda. Kuroda, the 36 year-old veteran, has pitched for the Los Angeles Dodgers the last four seasons.

It has been reported that the Yankees offered Kuroda a one year deal worth 12 million dollars. A club official, however, responded with "there has been no offer". 

The Yankees inquired about Kuroda at last year's trade deadline, but Kuroda was unwilling to waive his no-trade clause.

Last year he had a career low 3.07 ERA, but his career-high 3.78 FIP suggests that Kuroda may have been more fortunate last season than in previous seasons. He did still manage to strike out 7.17 batters per game – the second highest of his career – and his fastball still sits at a respectable 92 miles per hour, on average. Batters swing and miss at Kuroda's offerings 10.3 percent of the time.

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